Jah Sweet Life

Jah Sweet Life
Person in Charge
Jah Sweet Life
Business Description

The wood carver and musician Jah Sweet Life was born in Elmina, he grew up in Accra and since 1994 he has been working in the Aburi Craft Village. 25 years ago he started with music. Jah Sweet is a songwriter and composer, he can sing and play the guitar. His music genres are Reggae, Highlife, R&B and Afro Music.

Because of his love for music his speciality in carving are drums. He carves Djembe, Kpanlogo, Fontomfrom, Boborbor and Kete Set with goat, cow or antilope leather. Jah Sweet also makes furniture and interior deco, tableware and coffins. For the ladies he creates wooden rings, earrings and the matching jewellery boxes. The wood he uses is Gabon ebony (Diospyros crassiflora), Tweneboa (Cordia platythyrsa), Osese (Funtumia sp.), Lebanon Cedar and African Mahogany.

Business Phone
Aburi Craft Village Shop No 103 / 106
Digital Address
Eastern Region

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