Kwaku Offei Samuel Denkyiza

Kwaku Offei Samuel Denkyiza
Person in Charge
Kwaku Offei Samuel Denkyiza
Business Description

The wood carver and musician Kwaku Offei Samuel Denkyiza was one of the first craftsman coming to the Aburi Craft Village about 40 years ago. He has an unique and modified style of carving West African primitive art. He carves figures, profiles, walking sticks, fertility dolls, shadows, Kpanlogo Drums and different types of masks like Dancing Masks, Bundu Masks and Bird Masks. He loves to make Magic Work like the Lover's Chain and Slave Works. He also creates the Thunder Gods from the Volta Region. For the finishing he mostly uses grinded stones but also plant colours. The wood is Osese (Funtumia sp.), Lebanon Cedar and Gabon ebony (Diospyros crassiflora).

Business Phone
Aburi Craft Village Shop No 58
Digital Address
Eastern Region

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