Ras Sugar

Ras Sugar
Person in Charge: Kwadwo Agyei
Business Description:

Kwadwo Agyei also known as Ras Sugar is a fashion designer for African design. Originally from the Volta Region he works in Aburi now for about 30 years. He designs and sews depending on the customer’s order African clothes for men and women, bags, backpacks, waistbags, ties, trousers and more. For his works he uses African waxprint fabric and among others he creates with it the typical Asasa style (African patchwork).
More than that he also manufacture Djembe Drums for Talking Drums and other occations. The shell is made of Tweneboa wood (Cordia platythyrsa) and the skin out of cow or goat leather.

Business Phone: 0244737767 0578136614
WhatsApp: 0244737767
Address: Aburi Craft Village Shop No 44
City: Aburi
Region: Eastern Region

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