Masquerade Festival

This street festival is celebrated in the Western Region and happens between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day throughout the week.
Like in many carnivals all over the world, they have almost 40 different Masquerades group and every group and its style of outfit team dressing and their band.

There is great footage of tailors that use 9 months working on the costumes and they don’t allow anyone to see the costume until December. On the day of the event the clubs move through the streets, celebrating, dancing and facing off when they cross paths with each other. This festival has a real family vibe, with spectators joining in and everyone from mamas to tiny kids parading in costume.

At the show, after every Masquerade pass through the carnival, the organizers will pick the best Masquerade of the year to gift that particular Masquerade.

Masquerade Festival


December 25, 2023 - January 01, 2024    
All Day


Public, Takoradi, Western Region

Event Type

Here you find more information about the street festival:

The main groups

Ohyewaakomem Masquerade


Supreme Masquerade

Supreme Group Masquerade Festival

Tumus Masquerade

Tumus Group Maquerade Festival

U.S.A Masquerade

US-Group Masquerade Festival



The festival parade starts at:

Super Star Hotel, Takoradi
Western Region

Contact for further information:

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