Terms and Conditions

  1. First you have to register to create a listing in the business directory or publish an event.
  2. Your data will be stored and processed by us to fulfill our services. You will find further information on this in our Privacy Policy.
  3. You grant us right to publish your content.
  4. You allow us to communicate with you via the provided email address or phone number.
  5. You are only allowed to publish data of your own company.
  6. All links may only lead to your own website or social media accounts.
  7. You are only allowed to publish pictures and texts of which you own the copyright.
  8. The contract of use for the business directory and the event manager is concluded with the publication of the submitted application.
  9. A listing in the business directory with 1 image costs 20 GHS per year.
    For each additional image there is a surcharge of 5 GHS. (Up to 5 images are allowed)
  10. Submitting an event costs 10 GHS.
  11. The fee has to be sent via Mobile Money to 059 410 2214.
  12. After a review your entry will be activated for one year. Entries that are illegal, sexist, racist, glorify violence or otherwise offend common decency will not be published.
  13. 5 GHS will be charged for every change of your entry after publishing.
  14. After one year you can renew your entry for another year within 30 days. If there is no response within this period, the contract of use ends automatically and your entry data will be deleted in accordance with data protection regulations. Your profile will remain unchanged.
  15. We do not assume any liability for the continuous availability of the website or the business listing.
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