Do you like to volunteer with us?

Work on the Farm

You can help us to maintain the permaculture farms in Worawora. You will participate in planting or harvesting depending on the season. And you will learn about tropical plants and how to work with the cutlass.

Be creative

With us you can discover yourself. Find out how you like to express yourself creatively and learn to paint, carve or design your own furniture and clothes. Or share your skills and knowledge in your own workshops.

Get to know Ghanaian Lifestyle

Life in Ghana brings many challenges. To overcome them, Ghanaians have developed their very own culture. Cook with us the rich (vegan) Ghanaian cuisine, practice doing laundry and sweeping the Ghanaian way. Or go to the market for your daily shopping. If you can open your coconut with a machete, you've passed the test.

Build with natural materials

Wood and concrete are not the only building materials. Many locally available materials are suitable for building. For example, you can use stone, bamboo, clay or palm. Together we build bright and airy spaces for ourselves and our guests. Live with nature gives you a completely new experience of feeling at home.

Sweet Mother Eco Resort

At the Eco Resort in Aburi you can contribute according to your skills. Whether you help to build more rooms or plant a vegetable and herb garden. Here, it's all about making a positive impact on Earth. If you like organising events to create awareness about environmental issues, this is the place for you.

Live in a community

In a community, you learn to relate to your fellow human beings, to work together on projects and to find solutions. Through our live with animals, we are reminded again how to treat each other with love. You are most welcome to join our community in the short or long term.

Culture and Spirituality

You will get to know about the different religions in Ghana, take part in cultural events and learn about the history of the West African tribes. We teach you about traditional Ghanaian rites and customs und tell you stories behind. During all your experiences and impressions, we will take care of you and help you through your personal processes.

Get interactive

Share your experiences in Ghana on our blog or support us with marketing and networking. If you are skilled in web design, graphic design, video or photography, you can also get creative here.

Okoden Music Studio

If you are musically talented and experienced, we invite you to work with Nana Boakye and his team in Aburi. You can contribute as a composer, music engineer, producer, roady, teacher or vocal coach. Joint projects enrich music and bring people together.

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