Abdul Mbow

Abdul Mbow
Person in Charge
Abdul Mbow
Business Description

The carving finisher Abdul Mbow calls himself a "final touch artist". Originally from Senegal he has been working in the Aburi Craft Village for 9 years. From his journeys through Westafrica he got a lot of inspiration for his own art. He gives tables, animals, figures, profiles, boxes and masks the right colour. For that he uses waterpaint, acrylic paint, emulsion paint or bitumen. Abdul Mbow likes to mix art as he does replica als well as Modern Art. Beside that he also deals with antique. The special about his work is the versatility as he is not limited to Ghanaian art but also imports craftwork from all over Westafrica. He prefers woodwork made of Tweneboa (Cordia platythyrsa), Osese (Funtumia sp.), African Mahogany, Acacia Wood and Onyamedua (Alstonia boonei).

Business Phone
Aburi Craft Village Shop No 141
Digital Address
Eastern Region

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