Albert Cornelius

Albert Cornelius
Person in Charge
Albert Cornelius
Business Description

The wood carver Albert Cornelius learned from his brothers when he was a child. As the business was in the house soon he also found his passion in carving. Orginally from the Central Region he came to the Aburi Craft Village in 1987. Now he carves figures, profiles, walking sticks, animals, jewellery boxes and different types of masks like Bird Masks, Round Masks, Fish Masks, Half Body Masks and Antique Masks. His speciality is the Dan Mask made with old cocoa bags. He likes to spread a message with his woodwork to strengthen Ghana and to emphasize the importance of unity.
Albert Cornelius' favourite wood is Osese (Funtumia sp.) and Tweneboa (Cordia platythyrsa) but he also uses Lebanon Cedar and African Mahogany.

Business Phone
Aburi Craft Village Shop No 47
Digital Address
Eastern Region

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