Project: New Life

Kwaku Akrasi and Daniela Fuchs

About Us

We are Kwaku Akrasi and Daniela Fuchs.
We met in November 2019 at the Aburi Craft Village.

Kwaku is a farmer and a Fine artist. His hometown is Worawora in the Oti Region.

Daniela worked as a Webdesigner and Management Assistent. She came from Germany and fell in love with Kwaku and the beautiful nature in Ghana.

Together we are a great team. We share the same vision and the same passion for art, healthy food and nature.

Our Project

We have the vision of a self-sufficient life in Ghana. In the tropics, where there is a lot of rain and sun, nature can flourish. With some basic skills and regular work, you can harvest everything you need to live.

Based on our own creativity and the desire to preserve the precious culture of Africa, we want to build a community of like-minded people. It is time to get active and change the world from the root.

Website GhanaFam.Com

GhanaFam is home of artists and people working in the tourism or food sector in Ghana. We support sustainable enterprises and promote Ghanaian art and culture.

Ghanaian culture is being destroyed more and more by outside influences. We want to support artists, artisans and craftsmen to continue their valuable work.
Due to current events, the entire tourism industry is experiencing a catastrophic breakdown. To counteract this, we created a platform for self-employed people and companies working in this sector.
In order to remain future-proof, Ghana must follow sustainable paths. Cooperation, a healthy lifestyle and ecological, regional farming are the cornerstones for a stable social structure.

Screenshot GhanaFam.Com

Still Eden Farms

Moringa nursing
Plantain Harvest
Cocoa farm

With our permaculture farms, we want to serve as a role model and show the small farmers in Ghana that it also works without chemicals. We grow food and medicinal plants that are valued worldwide for their nourishing and healing ingredients.

Still Eden Production

Agushi Harvest
Banana harvest
Brown Rice Harvest

We produce for the local trade as well as for export. Permaculture food is organic and still contains all the nutrients our bodies need. Based on our own lifelong experience, we attach great importance to the right harvesting processes, correct storage and gentle processing.
We hope to encourage the small farmers in our area to switch to organic farming and support us in the production of high quality food.

GhanaFam B2B Online Shop

We want to create new sales channels for the abundant production from Ghana. The B2B online shop is for art lovers, designers and retailers from all over the world. We attach great importance to high-quality handmade products and sustainable production.

Screenshot B2B Online Shop

You can support us!

Get a Voucher

Support us with any amount and receive your voucher for our online shop. Soon you are able to order art and craft, jewellery, clothing for men and women, shoes, accessories, foodstuffs and more!

Send money with the reference "New Life" and your email address.

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Work with us

Do you want to work with us on our farms, live with us for a period of time or even found a community with us permanently? You are very welcome!
Or can you support us as an administrator with our websites? Contact us!

Share our project

We are very thankful if you spread the message and share our project on social media or with your family and friends.

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