ofie Gua

ofie Gua
Person in Charge
Abena Kunkpe Ansah
Business Description

Ofie Gua seeks to promote the consumption of healthy whole and minimally processed plant based food items that are made with local African and Ghanaian ingredients. We create our own recipes and products which range from items made from grains, legumes, nuts and seeds that are grown in Ghana and also lost and super foods. Some of our products are vegan such as dawadawa, black pepper sauce (Shito), herby green spicy sauce, our own MSG free seasonings, ready to eat sauces and dips, yogurt, ice creams, sorbets, khebabs, khebab powder etc. On pre-order basis with the hope of getting interested sponsors and investment for expansion as stocking in outlets and shops for easy access.

Business Phone
Tema Community Two
Greater Accra

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