Interview with MuttiNature

We took the opportunity to interview our vendor MuttiNature about their Prekese Syrup at the KalaBash Festival 2023 in Aburi.

Welcome! Please, what is your name?

My name is Julius Kumi.

And you are the distributer of a special product. Please tell us more about it.

The Prekese Syrup is made from the fruit called Prekese, the scientific name is Tetrapleura Tetraptera. It is found mostly in the forest region of Ghana. The syrup is scientifically extracted from the fruit. There is no other additive to it. It is raw Prekese done through heating and compression. 

For how long is it on the market already? 

It is on the market for 14 years already, mostly on the Ghanaian market. We have had a few situations when people attempted to sell at the African shops In the UK and USA. 

What can the Prekese Syrup be used for?

It may be used for cooking, as a nourishing supplement taking with beverages. For example, sometimes when I buy Sobolo, I put a tablespoon in it and drink it. It also may be used to help alleviate stress and tiredness and it also helps in calming the body.

Prekese has already a lot of health benefits. Why should someone use the syrup instead of the fresh fruit?

The syrup is an extract which appears to be more convenient to use anywhere. 

The trouble of boiling to drink is taken out. In all cases one must boil or soak in water to extract some of the ingredients. I believe it is a matter of convenience. 

The syrup has also been tested and approved by the FDA and Standards Board so we are sure of its safety based on its preparation.

What is the process of making the syrup?

The process is purely based on science and the formula is owned by the producer of the product.  The bad parts or the fruit is taken off, well washed, boiled, then it is compressed for the syrup. 

And are there any challenges in the production?

Well, currently getting the raw material is becoming a challenge today, not in the past. A lot more people are using Prekese than in the past. So I was just told, that the price of the raw material has gone up because of higher demand.

Is the Prekese syrup organic?

This is purely organic. Because if you have trees in the forest, nobody went there to fertilize the trees. They are fertilized by their own leaves.

So if you buy this product, you even do good for the environment?

Is this syrup only produced in Ghana?

Yes, we have not heard of any production from anywhere.

Where can it be purchased?

My company is MuttiNature, MuttiNature is derived from Mother Nature, Mutti is the German word.

You can find it at Relish in Osu, at Devine Organic Hub in West Hills Mall, at Nature’s Gift in Adenta and then in Westlands Health Shop, just near the Headquarters of the Forestry Commission, near GIMPA and then few others individuals.

Also my telephone number is on it. And if you want to buy it directly from me, we can deliver it through delivering service to you.

Unfortunately, we don’t have outlets in the regions.

The factory is in Nkoranza, because most of the fruits are found in that belt.
The Prekese fruits have two types, the one that comes from that belt is bigger and thicker. So you get more syrup.  

The one that comes from this part, this our forests here (editorial note: forests in the Eastern Region), is slimmer and the syrup is more watery. So if you are using for production, you need much more.

The Prekese is a traditional spice and medicine, right? Is it also originally growing here in Ghana?

Yes. The Prekese is a native tree that grows here by itself. When the furits fall the seeds in the fruits just germinate.

Are there more products that could be made out of Prekese?

I believe there are, Prekese has glucose, and ascorbic acid etc. we need to have a lot of science applied to achieve the expected outcomes for other products. For example, we put some of the by-products unto a corn plant and the plant grew tall pass the building but without bearing any fruit.  It means it has a lot in it.  Some farmers add the fruit to the water for their livestock and we are told it reinforces the health of the animals.

Thank you very much Mr Julius Kumi for this interview!

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