Paneltalk about Organic Food in Ghana

The KalaBash Festival 2023 in Aburi was our first GhanaFam event. We really enjoyed the two days with our vendors, the festival visitors and the panel guests. And it was the talk about “Organic Food in Ghana” that excited us the most.
Although it took us a lot of time and effort, we finally are now able to publish the recordings of the talk online and make it accessible to a wide audience.

It is our wish that people are informed about healthy nutrition and the meaning of sustainable living. Everyone should be able to make their own decisions, take responsibility and live self-determined. Therefore, we have made it our mission as an organisation to create platforms like the KalaBash Festival to disseminate this information and to connect people working in these fields.

We have invited four of the leaders of the organic food movement in Ghana to our talk. We discussed about the term “organic” and how to identify organic food. We also spoke about the importance of organic food and organic farming for our health and the environment. Finally, there are suggestions on how to eat more organic food oneself.

These are our experts:

In addition our vendor Ground Up Ghana joined the panelist, represented by Carly (Nana Yaa) Edwards.

The talk is available on YouTube. It is splitted in three parts and can be accessed through clicking on this button:

You can also download the MP3 (57MB) in our shop for free:

We apologise for the poor sound quality at the beginning of the recording. It improves from minute 5:31!

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  • Hello, we are Baobab Children foundation, an NGO in central region. We are into organic farming since 2004. 2021 we started Baobab Adepa Organic Farms at Ayensudo, Central Region. A 14 ha farm to make our school Baobab School for Trades and Traditional Arts sustainable. Food security for our children and for sale as well. We are still in the process of developing this farm. Can we be included in your discussions and meetings.

    • Hello Edith,
      We appreciate your interest in our program and we will be happy to keep you informed about our upcoming events!


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