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Last Friday we met Becca from Beckins Beads. Whilst we were enjoying our vegetarian dishes at Rahneet’s Hide Out, we spoke about Becca’s favourite topic: Beads.

Becca, what did you think about beads when you were a kid?

I really love handwork! When I was a child, I liked sketching. And I saw someone making the beads when I was at Senior Highschool, that was eight years ago. I just loved it and I went on YouTube and I learned and started beading.

What is the fascinating about the beadmaking for you?

I love art, my dad is into art, he used to sketch and I took it from him. And I love fashion. It is the combination of fashion and art.

What does sketching have to do with beads?

You know, beads is also art in a way, because you can’t just wake up and just form something. You need to make up your mind about what should be the outcome. For instance, this bag, you need to have in your mind that it should have this kind of shape. So you need to sketch it.

What all can be made out of beads?

With beads you can make slippers, bags, necklaces, bracelets, headbands, rings, it’s a whole lot when it comes to beads. Even flower vase. You just need the techniques and the skills and be creative. Because if you are not creative you would produce just that what everyone else is producing. But as an artist you need to be unique, you need to be different from others. That will make you stand up.

Would you say beadmaking is typical Ghanaian?

No. We have the local Ghanaian beadmaking and also the one that is international. People all over the world are doing it. My beadmaking is not typical Ghanaian beadmaking. The Ghanaian beadmaking is from scratch, they make it out of glass and it’s from Krobo. The Krobo People make the traditional necklaces, the wristbands and the waist beads. Those are the ones that are originated in Ghana.  

So what is trending now in Ghana?

What is trending now is the bags and the waist beads. And you can see there are some designs, if it comes to the traditional wedding ceremony in Ghana. They have the Kente designed with crystal beads in it.

Then it is accepted to wear traditional Kente with plastic beads?

Yes, it is okay. That is what is trending now, it is all over social media.

And how do people think about traditional beads?

It is really going far, because with the Ada beads, the ones that are made from scratch in Ghana, people all over the world come to Ada to learn it. The sad part is we Ghanaians don’t appreciate what is made in Ghana. Because all this is here but many people don’t have the idea about it. Most people here don’t even know where it is made. So sad. Some pay for a ticket to come from Europe to learn here and it is just so close to us and we have no idea about it.

What do you think is the reason for that?

We don’t treasure our own made in Ghana, and we don’t like exploring.

Back to Beckins. What did you specialise in?

Mainly in the bags.

And how would you describe your style?

My specific style is looking classy, I like the classic look. For instance nowadays everyone is having these “China bags”, it doesn’t last and it is so common. But with the beads it is something that is handmade and it is unique. Let’s say there are ten people in the room and you are the only one having this. It makes you unique, it makes you stand up. Just imagine me having these beads in my white dress. It makes the look very classy, simple but classy.

And how long does it take to make one bag?

The purse, you can see the size is a bit smaller, it takes about three days to make something like this. The bigger bags take a week or eight days.

It is a lot of work! Do you get pain in your hands when you are doing it?

A lot! I still feel pain, look at all these marks all over my hands. Sometimes I use something to protect the hand, so that I can work without feeling pain.

It is really a craft. What kind of beads are you using and where are they from?

I usually go to Makola Market for most of the beads, and I think most of these rubber stuffs come from China.

Now, where can people buy your items?

I am on Instagram, Jumia and also Facebook. I do delivery! Just contact me on Instagram, LinkedIn or Jumia.

What is your vision for the future of your business?

My vision is very huge. I want to train people, those upcoming girls, I want to involve them, teach them beading, employ the ones who want to work for me. Just help people. People who are not well educated, I like to employ them, so that they get their handwork. Because at least if you are not educated, you have to move on in life. And with this you can go far. Also, I want to be involved in fashion shows. I want my name to be heard out there in the world: Beckins.

Is there anything else you want to share?

Beading is fashion and art. You need to be creative. If you don’t have passion for it, you cannot do it. You can never do it. Even to put one bead in a thread, talking about this whole bag, joining 500 beads together to create a bag! If you are lazy, you cannot do that. So, you have to be hard working, creative and have the passion for it before you can do something like this.

Thank you Becca, for the insights in your creative business!

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