Wilson Dymond

Wilson Dymond
Person in Charge
Wilson Dymond (Nana Darko)
Business Description

The Rastaman Wilson Dymond also known as Nana Darko is a craftman as well as an artist. As his uncle was the founder of the Aburi Craft Village he grew up as a wood carver and has been working in this profession for at least 27 years.
He carves tables, chairs, masks, chess boards, bowls and all kind of other decorative things like unique and artful or traditional sculptures. He creates very personal wood work in best quality and with many varieties to suit every customer.
For his works he uses following wood: Gabon ebony (Diospyros crassiflora), Tweneboa (Cordia platythyrsa), Osese (Funtumia sp.), Lebanon Cedar and Abare (Ficus clasticoides)

Business Phone
Aburi Craft Village Shop No 36
P.O. Box 40
Digital Address
Eastern Region

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