A Ghanaian Celebration of Creativity

DATE: 24.-25. February 2023  |  10am - 10pm
VENUE: Sweet Mother Eco Resort Aburi, Eastern Region, Ghana

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Our Goals

Encourage the youth to be creative and to contribute to sustainable development in the economy and society

Serving as an example to show that you can achieve more with cooperation

Providing a platform for entrepreneurs who produce sustainable and innovative products in Ghana

Raising money for our non-profit work to empower creatives in Ghana


The KalaBash festival is a music festival
that focuses on creativity and sustainability


The KalaBash festival is a music festival
that focuses on creativity and sustainability



----------------------------------------- Okoden Studio & Friends --------------


“OKODEN” in Akan language means “hard battle”.
OKODEN STUDIO is a collective of skillful musicians, molded on the philosophy that life is and will always be a sequences of battles to be won to accomplish ones divine purpose on earth.
We in OKODEN believe our maker has a divine assignment for each and every one on earth to undertake but it is and will always be a struggle to be able to fulfill it. We therefore find it our mission to use music to spread messages of consciousness and love for one another which to us is the only way out.
Just as in the ancient days, where musicians were needed just as soldiers on a battle field, we also believe one cannot go through this series of life battles without music, and a good one of course.

All musicians in this group were assembled by Emmanuel Boakye Agyeman popularly called Nana Boakye, a key figure in the International group Santrofi. Having toured over 30 countries across the world, he brings his rich savoir-faire garnered over 20 years in the music trade aboard to put together this group of musically dexterous individuals along this vision.

Members of the Band "The Hard Battle":

Emmanuel Nana Boakye Agyeman: Leader; Producer; Keyboards; Vocals

Emmanuel Nana Adu Ansah (Doctor): Sound Engineer; Lead Guitar; Vocals

Nii Ayittey Chonia: Sound Engineer; Lead Guitar, Vocals

Kwabena Appiagyei: Music Director; Bass Guitar

Abayie: Songwriter; Lead Vocals; Lead Guitar

Andy Biney: Chief Drummer; Vocals

Theophilus Sax: Saxophone

The artists perform live and are supported by various other talented musicians such as:

Viram president Akoto/Akwasi Abayie
Ansah Sasraku
Pin Dem
Man tozo
Spy bee
K broda
Nana Ntow
Papa Noza


The artists perform live and are supported by various other talented musicians such as:

Viram president Akoto/Akwasi Abayie
Ansah Sasraku
Pin Dem
Man tozo
Spy bee
K broda
Nana Ntow
Papa Noza


------ The GhanaFam Institute of Creativity -----------------------------------------------

The GhanaFam Institute of Creativity is dedicated to making lives of artists in Ghana more livable. The aim is to lay a foundation on which the creatives can realise their full potential.
This KalaBash Festival is all about visual art for us.

On the one hand, we have played around with the venue itself, to honour Sweet Mother as the sacred place where we are privileged to come together.

And on the other hand, we have been deeply immersed in the theme of the event. The result is an art exhibition by the artist couple dk love.
dk love is a union of opposites. The insights gained from conflict, confrontation and overcoming imbalance are used for their collaborative art projects. The artworks are intended to encourage people to get into a dialogue and question their own perspectives and cultural imprint. By doing this, we are able to function as a global community and can maintain personal relationships for the benefit of all.

The exhibited works visualise the subject:

Logo Institute

I am Nature

Logo Institute

The exhibited works visualise the subject:

I am Nature


---------- Talk Rounds ----------------------------------------------------------

What means organic food?



What is a sustainable lifestyle?



---------- Herbal Tour ----------------------------------------------------------


Do you know the difference between weeds and medicinal herbs?

At our Herbal Tour with Peter Atta-Adjei Junitor from the Centre for Plant Medicine Research you get to know your local wild herbs, find out how to identify them and learn about their health benefits.
Limited number of participants! Reserve your place at one of the tours via WhatsApp: 059 603 0467


--------------------------------------- Our Vendors ---------------------------------


Local food and continental dishes by Sweet Mother Eco Resort
vegan Fonio Cakes by Ofie Gua
Pizza & Burger
Plant-based and gluten-free by Gound Up Ghana
Local dishes by Rahnnets Vegetarian Cuisine


Sugarcane juice by PureCane
Local drinks by Senaron Local Bar
Ghanaian Coffee Blends by Ofie Gua
Noni Drink by Gold Coast Noni
Smoothies by Senaron Local Bar



Arts & Crafts

Calabash & Woodworks by GhanaFam

Fine Art
by Erdarben

Free Facepainting

Health & Lifestyle

Brekese Syrup by MuttiNature
Herbal Medicine Book by Tonny Asafo-Agyei
Solar Products by LUMENTECH
Flowers by Constancia Flower Farm


Our vendors are equipped by


The Venue

Sweet Mother Eco Resort

The Sweet Mother Eco Resort is located on the cool Akuapim mountains close to the capital Accra. The perfect place to relax and refresh yourself from the hot and busy capital Accra!

On 4,5 acre of land you can experience a natural envionment, a beautiful view into the valley and a wide range of leisure activities.
You explore the diverse assortment of our vendors and enjoy the show on the large grassland under shady palms and mango trees.

As a VIP guest you can also look forward to the swimming pool and a shisha lounge. A free non-alcoholic welcome drink awaits you!

Sweet Mother Eco Resort

Swimming Pool

Shisha Lounge

Children Playground

Pool Table

Tickets and Arrival

Tickets are available at the gate:

1 day ticket: 20 GHS
VIP 1 day ticket: 80 GHS

Free entry for children under 10 years
who are accompanied by their parents.

We ensure a smooth journey to the KalaBash Festival and back home
with our shuttle service going between Madina Station and Sweet Mother Eco Resort.

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